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The Civic Trust is concerned that the Act and Guidelines imply a presumption in favor of longer licensing hours over and above local policies and local conditions. Until the Minister’s attempt to clarify the issue in September it appears that this was the interpretation of many licensing authorities. The current position remains confused and this inhibits the ability of local authorities to act properly on behalf of their communities. Other related issues include the scope for elected local Ward councilors to act on behalf of their constituents and the ability of local licensing officers to initiate action.

Ministers have stated that “the Licensing Act gives powers to local communities to decide on closing times” but the procedures limit the number of residents who can express a view and the way in which their views can be expressed – at appeals for example. Meanwhile, many residents are afraid of being charged with legal and other costs. Further clarification is needed if local communities are to play their full part as ministers wish. The process should make it as simple as possible for residents to make legitimate representations about licensing. The provision is in the Guidelines but not in the Act.

Its introduction followed www.valssa.com.au campaigning by the Civic Trust and others and is to be welcomed.

The Trust considers that designation should be streamlined and a template supplied in the new guidelines. Also that, in addition to nuisance and disorder, consideration should also be given in designation to the “carrying capacity” of an area, in terms of late night transport, policing and street wardens, public amenities, cleansing, and lighting. the new licensing system is meant to fund itself, but the Civic Trust is concerned that local authorities may be out of pocket and may, therefore, avoid costly enforcement. If this happens the Act will fail. The Trust is looking to Government to monitor this situation and to make any appropriate changes to the fee scales.

The Civic Trust welcomes the voluntary codes of practice drawn up by the industry, but Civic Trust research suggests that this cannot be a substitute for good regulation. Enforcement agencies should be able to step in where voluntary agreement fails. The Civic Trust believes that a sophisticated system of management in our town and city centers can’t be done on the cheap. The Government gains some £22 billion in business rates, excise duty and VAT from the alcohol industry.

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All scenarios imply improvements to urban form. Lower growth will involve less use of greenfield sites for development. Higher growth offers more resources to implement environmental enhancements but greater land take. Impacts mainly dependent on the new land take. Emphasis on urban consolidation will help reduce pressure under all scenarios. Ashford has relatively few assets designated as of strategic importance, although assets are highly valued locally. Growth elsewhere is likely to impact this criterion more significantly. Higher standards of environmental management and design required to enhance biodiversity as part of growth.

Ashford is particularly prone to flooding and although all scenarios imply appropriate flood risk management lower levels of growth at Ashford imply higher levels of growth elsewhere, where flood issues may not be so significant. Partly dependent on growth levels although continuing emphasis on manufacturing in low growth scenario may mean more risk of pollution.

Appropriate water treatment required under all scenarios, but higher growth increases prospects for funding of necessary infrastructure earlier. Improvements to the Property Valuation Brisbane system and car restraint proposed under all options, but prospects for necessary funding and greater modal shift are best under high growth scenarios – although risks greater if not achieved. Risk of increased commuting under Scenario C, possibly B, which would not be sustainable. Other strategic impacts are dependent on the location of growth elsewhere.

Emphasis on urban consolidation in all scenarios will minimise new land take but impacts directly related to growth levels. Prospects for 3 R’s are dependent on policy decisions which are independent of growth levels, although waste production is related to population. Committed and creative implementation mechanisms, including kerbside recycling and recycling of construction materials, will improve prospects of successful delivery. Greater implications on sub-regional waste management facilities, e.g. landfill and energy from waste, under Scenarios B and C.

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The overall reported financial out-turn is in line with budgets. Subscriptions have shown an increase of 2% in comparison to 2001. Total costs have increased as a percentage of income, principally due to the work on polarisation (CP 121), consultancy fees and the better alignment of staff costs to market rates. Nevertheless, central overheads remain well controlled and consistently monitored. Its members have put aside the perspective of their own companies for the good of the whole IFA community. Their technical expertise, good humour and strategic vision, have been vital in the growth of AIFA – in numbers and delivery. I particularly thank the indefatigable Roger Sanders; my Deputy, tower of strength and link to the FSA Practitioner Panel!

I must also thank retiring Council members: Nick Ansell, Douglas Black and Ken Davy for their invaluable contribution. Their workload is prodigious; their effectiveness considerable and their team spirit high. Property Conveyancing A new regulator; endless reviews (again) – two of which have proposed different changes to the process of IFA remuneration; a volatile market; and the shrinking capacity of the professional indemnity insurance market allied with rising premiums. Whilst I have never subscribed to the conspiracy theory of life, there have been times when my philosophy has been tested.

But when all the above is put to one side, actual levels of business being carried out by IFAs convey very positive news. And this is in spite of the dismal state of the market. According to the ABI’s figures (for the second quarter of 2002) IFAs accounted for 55.5% of individual life business – the highest ever level – and sales of individual pensions accounted for 77.4% Not for the first time, this demonstrates the resilience of IFAs and that consumers continue to value independent advice.

When we look back on 2002, it will be the FSA’s CP 121 which will spring to mind. This document has dominated AIFA’s workload since its publication nine months ago – and rightly so. CP 121’s most radical proposals are disproportionately focussed on IFAs and, as such, they have required a substantial amount of work to properly address them and to research alternative solutions. In particular, the Defined Payments System (DPS) which could have become the defining mark of an independent, seemed to focus too much on the cost rather than the value of advice and to make it as complex as possible for advice to be remunerated through commission – the clearly preferred route of the consumer.

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It is at the very heart of providing a high standard of healthy living for the entire community. Things are moving in the right direction, with most decision-makers recognising the importance of this and acting on it. What we mustn’t do however, is allow the focus to shift away from this by allowing too much new build to take place on the open swathes of greenbelt land throughout the region.

Conveyancing is one of the most important steps in the process of property exchange. Conveyancing was started to overcome all the frauds and risks that were prevailing in the market. Conveyancing has precise steps and all these steps are carefully carried by the Enact Settlement Agents Perth. The entire research is carried out and the conveyancers make sure that the conveyancing is helping out the clients. All types of details about the property, about the buyer and about the seller are mentioned in the report and that eliminates the risk of getting any fraud and any bluffing. Hence conveyancing is very essential to carry out.

Former Saltburn Garage To Be Converted Into Flats For The Elderly Tees Valley Housing Group (TVHG) has announced plans to convert the former Watson’s Garage on Milton Street in Saltburn into specially designed new flats for local elderly people. The £790,000 scheme will result in 12 new purpose-built flats for elderly people at the heart of Saltburn, extending the provision of specialist homes for the elderly in the area. Demolition on the former Watson’s garage will start in mid November and is expected to take around four weeks to complete.

The new-build work will begin in the Spring of 2002 and the 12 new flats will be available for rent at the end of next year. TVHG purchased the site a year ago, after the previous owners closed down the garage and moved to another site nearby. Redcar and Cleveland Council has now granted planing permission so that the former garage can be converted into 12 flats for elderly people. The scheme will complement TVHG’s existing sheltered housing development at nearby Gresley Court, which has a resident warden on site.

There is a growing demand for purpose-built housing in this area of East Cleveland, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for local elderly people to find accommodation of this kind. This new development will help overcome the shortage of this type of housing in the East Cleveland area. Growing life expectancies combined with the ever-increasing number of people living alone mean that the traditional housing stock of the area is no longer fully able to cater for the whole community.

The 12 Milton Street flats all have a warden call system, which means that every room in each flat has an alarm system that can be activated to alert a warden should any of the elderly residents or their guests be in any difficulty or suffer a fall. On-site residential parking is provided, and the site is located close to all the central amenities and transport links in Saltburn

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Million dollars to New York Hospital after I gave my kids some money in the last year too I basically have all the money going to charities my view is that if you’re lucky enough to have made it issue give some back Rhino a lot of people sons or daughters have wealthy people whose wealth is basically cripple them years ago Andrew Carnegie.

3said the man who dies rich dies disgraced room many of today’s super rich give voice to that billing when they talk about their own plans I’ve told my children that majority of our statewide to charity so I’m struggling a little with what is that mean how much money is that you know I and I haven’t quite figured that output I do feel that to West Cost Valuers leave them everything would be a mistake are you really gonna give most your money where are defying my goal is to be able to create enough.

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The Breakfast have a special guest at the building this morning as right up the boatswains monster was a member of the end of the day low everything’s good longtime pal of mine you know we’ve been having a conversation for the past two weeks about our financial I call it the literacy who can hope I wasn’t with the David Ash left you know it it is possible good conversation in our community just about finance season you know entrepreneurship invest in investing in self empowerment.

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1regulated lending country buying it and I come to mean headman thought personal lines and one with the INC Cowell funds and George to with the GATT who deal with the credit guarantees finance a title thousand dollars with the day him he was alone in California nineteen comes in and ended the siege I’d be very surprised if the regular tap rock I’m would-I’m at allow the bank’s to engage in any camera might be riskier lending practices particularly given I’m the experience in the last two years.

I think you have to remember that when people take out loans to buy houses those loans remain on the books have these banks for a very long period of time years and if they go bad over that time the bank also suffers a significant hit and of course the the the bar was have lives are on the hawk and if that might be a parliaments of the house price guys tabby obviously responsible to the lenders as prices began golf in the late s the government got economic consultant Peter bacon to do three reports www.sydneypropertyvaluation.com.au

one has spiraling house prices could be tackled they can made a series of recommendations the key one of which was reducing the tax relief for those investors who are buying multiple properties man whose active investing was putting first-time buyers under pressure in Charlie McCray introduced this measure and prices cooled off to such an extent that the government became nervous and reverse the measure the market took off again between and property prices rose by percent the revenue from all this building allow.

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A radiation oncologist with questions about radiation exposure was the only local resident to offer comments as a Nuclear Regulatory Commission panel held a public meeting about the Browns Ferry nuclear plant. The Tennessee Secret Harbour Settlements Valley Authority is seeking a 20-year license extension for the plant. Dr. Lane Price, an oncologist at Decatur General Hospital, was seeking some assurances at the Thursday meeting.

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Anne Harris, a former TVA employee who lives near the Watts Bar plant in Dayton, Tenn. , questioned NRC representatives on the impact a change in the type of radioactive fuel used at the plant would have on an environmental impact statement. John Tappert, chief of NRCs Environmental Review Office, assured her any change in fuel type would necessitate a new environmental impact study.

Harris then read from a statement in which she expressed her belief that TVA’s request for a license extension meant the agency did not have the money to decommission the plant. TVA officials have asked the NRC to extend those operating licenses for units 1, 2 and 3 to 2033, 2034 and 2036. Calvary Assembly of God Church closed Wednesday on land just west of Interstate 65 on Alabama 20, making it the first entity to develop land in that agricultural corridor. The church paid $5. 5 million for 182 acres and plans to build a facility with a 3,000-seat sanctuary in its first phase. The Rev. George Sawyer said negotiations for the site took 28 months.

The new church facility, to be built by Turner Universal Construction Co. in Madison, could cost $13 million to $14 million, said Sawyer. Calvary is poised to become what experts call a “megachurch,” one that runs 2,000 or more people regularly on Sundays. It would be the first such Assembly of God church in the region; the only other one is in Birmingham, according to Hartford Theological Seminary’s database of megachurches. Calvary’s building plans have a 50- by 40-foot glassed-in “fellowship mall” facing the front courtyard and adjacent to the sanctuary, which will have theater seating.

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Please notice the bottom red bar for the email address that you should use. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments, or even additions. Things that you can expect in the near future are college/university newspapers and that we are also going to restart the newspaper group.

Another thing: to get the best use on the site, please download the Eurostile font. lthSouth cleared a major hurdle Thursday as bondholders agreed to waive their rights to accelerated payments, experts said. The Birmingham-based rehabilitation hospital operator agreed to pay $80 million to the bondholders in exchange for the forfeiture of their rights to the accelerated payments.

HealthSouth conveyancing brisbane previously has reported accelerated payments on the $2.6 billion in bond debt would bankrupt the company. The agreement now allows management to focus on getting the company back on track after federal authorities alleged an accounting scandal totaling more than $3 billion, experts said. “I think it’s a real positive,” said Frank Morgan, a health care industry analyst with Jefferies & Co. in Nashville.

By removing the threat of bankruptcy, management now can focus on restating its financial statements for investors, Morgan said. It also allows the company to focus more on its day-to-day operations. “It’s very good news for HealthSouth and HealthSouth shareholders … ,” said Paul Lapides, director of the Corporate Governance Center at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga.

“We are now continuing our efforts to build a future of solid growth and profitability for the company,” he said in a news release. Since HealthSouth doesn’t expect to file financial statements until 2005, it’s in technical default on its debt. Some of the company’s bondholders wanted accelerated payments following the default. Earlier this year the company asked a judge to block creditors from demanding updated financial statements and accelerated payments.

“It allows them to refocus their energy to the business itself,” said Robert McLeod, professor of finance at the University of Alabama. It also removes the question of bankruptcy from the mind of investors. “It weighs heavily,” McLeod said, in reference to investor opinions. He noted the only other obstacle remaining would be shareholder lawsuits filed in the wake of the scandal and the trial of founder and former Chief Executive Richard Scrushy which would put the HealthSouth name back into the spotlight.

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Conveyancers are always hired for the successful and easy process www.enactconveyancingadelaide.com.au of the conveyancing. The process is needed to perform for the purpose of the people who need to do the legal buying and selling house process. I think all three companies gained a clearer understanding of the role of the DTI, too. I saw just how busy these companies are, doing the job of building before they tackle any other tasks. We at the DTI have to bear this in mind when communicating information to the industry. Any information we send out needs to be summarised and easy to digest and the FMB can help enormously in translating this information to its members.

FMB members can also help themselves by making use of the free support services available to them, such as the wealth of information and business guidance available via websites. Throughout the week, Ms Whatmore discussed particular areas of concern both to the DTI and to FMB builders. At the top of her list was the government’s desire to improve efficiency and reduce waste in construction through the ideas promoted by the Egan agenda.

These processes are complex and because of hat there is need for the conveyancer to make the conveyancing process easier. In this way you will able to face the right steps conduction for the better performance of the legal steps and face the successful process. All three FMB businesses said they wanted to find out more about implementing such changes and share knowledge. The FMB members I met are committed to the industry, to the people who work for them and to their clients. They want to deliver a quality product and that attitude is commendable and encouraging for the whole industry.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for SMEs, the general themes are the same in many companies – client leadership, integration of teams, people issues. It’s the actual systems to deliver that differ. While Ms Whatmore believes there is a greater need to communicate Egan principles on a regional basis, she thinks a lot of builders are managing to engage the improvement agenda without realising it.

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A decision on planning permission will be made in the autumn, and work is likely to start early next year. They wouldn’t invest in these difficult locations, only in prime ones such as business parks, city centres, motorway junctions. Developments will aim to attract small independent retailers looking for flexible leases, who ‘tend to be young, congregate together, and have a “go for it”-type attitude’, Mr Brown added. We think there are good investment opportunities, partly because other institutions haven’t invested, so there is less competition. And the way government policy is going, investment will increasingly be focused in these areas. Learn more: E Conveyancing Brisbane

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Igloo is run by Morley Fund Management, which looks after CGNU’s institutional funds and the company’s socially responsible investment strategy. A list of 21 assessment criteria – under the themes of sustainability, regeneration and design – will be applied to each project during its initiation, design and completion. A £3.5m study into the state of British cities has found the rate of decline has been arrested in many and has been reversed in some.

Announcing the findings this week, Michael Parkinson, director of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Cities programme, which involved 100 researchers from 27 universities over five years, claimed cities had ‘come back. There are overheating regions such as London and Bristol.although there is a question about how global London’s economy is,’ Prof Parkinson said. However, he said it was a ‘puzzle’ that levels of deprivation in London and Bristol had not appeared to be a drain on their economic growth.

Although Asian communities were coping well in areas experiencing racial tension such as Bradford, and there were ‘sources of strength’ within ethnic communities in London, issues of multi-culturalism and identity posed a challenge and required more detailed research. He criticised the government for its ‘unstable and unsettled’ urban policies and ‘fragmented’ approach to urban areas, which had seen business clustering and regional development pushed to the top of the agenda. Prof Parkinson called for emerging networks of collaboration between cities such as Liverpool and Manchester to be encouraged, and said government policies should recognise the differences between cities, including those in neighbouring geographical areas, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow.